Arboricultural Services

From planting through early care and establishment to the management of mature trees we have strived to increase the stock of trees in the UK.   More so since global climate change is exerting a significant pressure on the existing treescape across the world.   Change is not a a bad thing here – we can plan for warmer, wetter or colder and drier – so long as the right species are planted and properly cared for.   We pride ourselves on planting new trees to a very high specification ensuring their proper establishment.   Older mature trees – especially ones in an urban setting – require special care and attention – especially where associated with buildings.   Properly specified and correctly planted there is no reason why trees and buildings cannot co-exist in perfect harmony.

Garden design, construction and planting

The key to a successful garden is a close working relationship with the garden owner; many of our clients have become good friends.   As a living extension of not just the house but also of the thoughts, loves and imagination of the garden owner, designing and building garden together is a very special relationship.   We thus design and built gardens based upon a client’s favourite colours, favourite plants, a favourite painting or statue, and can specify particular plantings to lend an exotic or contemporary air to city gardens, or a wilder more natural feel for town and country gardens. We will often take the house or building associated with the garden as a starting point for a design grid – thus tying both space together from the start.    Design principles – masses, spaces, voids and the Golden section – then take the design forward where the garden comes to life and the fun bit begins with layout and planting schemes.

Plants for Sale

We grow and sell a number of plants that are close to our heart – tropical-looking but hardy shrubs and herbaceous specimens at various sizes.   Please browse our current stock – note the photos are for reference only and do not necessarily show the exact plant you can order.   Plants are sold by pot size [in litres] or height [in meters] and can be delivered to your door by specialist courier.   All plants are prepared and wrapped for transit and we will only post when there is no fear of frost.   We can give specific advice on planting and care or do all it for you – either as part of a planting scheme or just as a ‘one off’.   Many of our favourite plants are good in pots or containers or purpose-build planting beds with the right composts and drainage.